Sunbird 3000

Sunbird True bi-directional Solar Inverter for smarter, efficient and reliable Solar energy conversion

Neowatt, founded by a team of Power Electronic technocrats, having multifaceted experience of designing large capacity state-of-the-art UPS, Grid Tied Solar Inverter, Active Harmonic Filters etc. Neowatt intent to bring contemporary technology to produce power quality enhancement and energy saving solutions, for business and industry.

Sunbird off grid bi directional solar inverter is the new generation inverter, which has been designed specially for the solar application. Our long standing Two decade expertise in solar On Grid and Off grid inverter market has resulted in to a smart, more reliable and efficient Sunbird Solar Inverter.

Sunbird Solar inverter has many unparallel features, which gives best ROI for the user and helps in bringing the dream of Green planet more closer.

Dr Solar

Special Features :

  • Multiple 32 bit DSP controllers
  • Space Vector Modulation
  • Battery less operation
  • High efficiency
  • True Bi-directional Solar Inverter
  • Higher Array voltage capacity optionally available
  • Inbuilt charge controller
  • MPPT - Achieved through Incremental Conductance Algorithms
  • Modular construction gives higher MTTR
  • Battery charging through Grid up to 100%
  • Selectable source feature - Grid / Battery
  • DC fan for low power consumption
  • Inbuilt isolation transformer for galvanic isolation
  • 128 x 64 Graphics display
  • PF correction while on mains / Grid supply (Line interactive)
  • Variable fan speed - for increased reliability, results into lesser dust suction inside the cabinet


System Rating (KW) 10 15 20 25 30 40/50 80/100
Photovoltaic Input
MPPT Range 165 - 200 V 330 - 420 V
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 300 V 600 V
Maximum PV power recommended (KW) 11 16.5 22 27.5 33 44/55 88/110
MPPT base Charge Controller
Switching Element IGBT
Controller 32 Bit DSP controlled
Type of Charger PWM with MPPT
Grid Input
Input Supply 415 V AC , 50Hz (-20%, +15%), 3 Phase 4 Wire
Active Filtering during load on mains
(Load Harmonic corrections) THDi up to 3 % & Power Factor > 0.99
Battery Voltage (V) 120 V 240 V
Grid through Battery charging capacity (% kW Rating) 0-100%
Switching Element IGBT
Control 32 Bit DSP controlled
Nominal Output Voltage, Frequency 415 V AC L - L, 50 Hz, 3 Phase 4 Wire
Output Waveform Sine Wave
Load Power Factor 0.6 lag to 1 ( within kVA and kW rating)
Voltage regulation ± 2%
Voltage Stability in dynamic condition Complies with IEC/EN 62040-3,Class 1
Output voltage distortion with 100% linear load < 2%
Inverter peak efficiency (Ref. STD IEC 61683) 92% 94%
Protection degree with open doors IP20
Colour RAL 7016 Texture
Dimension (WxDxH in mm) 600x800x1200 600x800x1750 1000x900x1750
Cooling Forced Air
Galvanic Isolation Inbuilt isolation transformer at inverter output
Protection Under/Over voltage for Input, Output, Array & Battery. Output overload, short circuit, Over temperature, MCCB at Input, Output, Array & Battery path.& Surge protection at Input, Array & Battery path.
Display Parameter 1. Array - Voltage, Current, Power, Temperature, 2. Battery - Voltage, current, Power 3. Grid - Voltage, Current, Power, PF, 4. Output - Voltage, Current, Inv. H/S temp. 5. Statistics - Grid import, Grid export, Total Output, Daily Output Power, kWH
Temperature Operating 0-40 °C
Max. Relative humidity @25°C (non condensing) Up to 95%
Max. Altitude above sea level without de-rating 1000 m (For higher altitude complies with IEC/EN 62040-3)
Standard Compliance
Testing IEC 62040-3 ; IEC 61683 ; 60068-2