Solar Prioritizer

The SP-1B30-P/SP-2B30-P Solar prioritizer is a fully automatic solar charger which also control the AC supply to any ordinary UPS or Inverter. Its 16 bit digital controller continuously track the PV panel voltage, the charging cureent and the battery voltage. Based on its advanced multipoint tracking algorithm, it optimally controls the AC power input to the Inverter or UPS.

The incident solar energy first charges the battery.Once the battery is charged, the mains input to the UPS is disconnected and forces it to go to battery mode. Now it does not draw any power from the mains supply. At the same time, the solar charger will be charging the battery. Effectively the load connected to UPS will now run on solar power.

Voltage & Current based Control ensures battery is not discharged by its operation. Assures Reduction in Electricity Bills!

Dr Solar

Advantages :

  • The Smart Changeover Optimally controls AC input to the UPS and ensures the battery is never discharged.
  • The Advanced charging technique using an optimized automatic boost cum float charging algorithm assures full charge and improved battery life.
  • High Charge Capability up to 30Amps. Thus, up to 500Wp/12V or 1000Wp/24V Panel can be connected.
  • Electronic Protection for reverse connection of Solar panel or Battery.
  • Direct Termination up to 6 Sqmm Cable.
  • Battery Level Indicator for Status update.
  • Manual selection option to enhance utility.

Wiring Diagram :

Dr Solar


parameter   value  (SP-1B30-P/SP-2B30-p)
Max Solar Panel VOC,Volts 12(12V Battery) / 42(42V Battery)
No of Cells 36 / 72
Type of Panel Mono or Polly Crystalline
Max Panel Capacity 500W / 1000W (30Amps Isc)
Converter Type Zero Drop PWM Control
Control 16 Bit Digital
Relay Rating 32A
Termination 30Amps DC(6 Sq mm Wire)
PANEL OK LED RED : Solar Charging ON
GREEN : Solar Charging OFF
SOLAR MODE LED RED : UPS in ac Main Mode
GREEN : UPS in ac Solar Mode(Battery)