Petrol Bunks

Dr SolarDr Solar UPS is specifically designed for Fuel Stations and is a very reliable solution. The DC power (12V/24V) generated from solar panels will be converted to AC power (230V/415V) and will be supplied to the AC load and when AC mains / Solar Energy Shut off, the required power will be supplied from the battery bank which were also charged from solar panels during the day.

Fuel Stations commonly built up with sunken fuelling installation, Motor adopt fuel pumps are used to dispense the fuel in the forecourt and service building. Dr Solar UPS for Fuel Station have technologies to meet the qualification of Fuel Pumps motor which takes its maximum inrush current and varying voltage & current levels. They have the capacity to deliver the peak load demand and reduces the electricity bill up to 70%-80%. Power wasted during nil spike time by the DG sets will be saved. Considering the price escalation of fuel for DG sets, you can realise the lesser initial investment, lesser operation and maintenance cost of Dr Solar UPS which are specifically designed for Fuel stations. The inverters used in the Dr Solar solutions have very high surge handling capacity, which are designed to handle the inrush which is common in the motors which power the fuel nozzles.