Dr Solar

Offices, Industries

Dr SolarDr Solar has strategic tie-ups with companies in India, Switzerland and Germany who have done Extensive research and development and have created a revolutionary green products line-up with multiple alternative energy options. Dr Solar Commercial solutions focus on the sectors like Education, Healthcare, Banks, Offices, Industries, Showrooms, Telecom etc.,

Solar energy have its own greater impact on profit and environment because of its lesser operating and maintenance costs, return on investments etc. Commercial solutions in rooftops or ground mounted with no hidden costs appeal to the customers to go for Dr Solar Commercial Series as the customers can enjoy the advantages of self generated green power and can also make use of grid export facility by selling excess generated power to the government grid.

The guaranteed and long lasting operation of Dr Solar Commercial Series is with its unique design engineering and precision technology. The products ensure the reliability, durability and stylish outlook. The Solar modules produce the direct current and is converted into grid acceptable alternating current which can Utilize by the appliances and machineries. For fast return on Investment the commercial series having the efficiency of about 95%. The uniqueness involves also the THDi is less than 2%. They have improved conversion efficiency and high durability. . They run with energy conservation, environment protection, very easy for installation and operation. They are built with robust design, large LCD display, lesser pound and wireless monitoring and communication. They are the flexible energy manager because of its alternating current coupling technology and protect the life of system and battery.