Normal Mode - Use it as Regular Inverter, as it is priced on Par with the Branded Regular Inverters and One can add Solar Panel later, without changing the Inverter

Hybrid (Solar Mode) - Use it as Hybrid adding Solar Panel later Inverter, by Once the Battery is Fully Charged through Solar, Dr Solar PCU automatically takes out the Government Power to Lighting Load of House/Office and Converted Solar Energy is passed to Lighting Load through Solar PCU, bypassing the battery which will eventually Save Electricity and Battery Storage. Additional Load during day through evening is supplemented by Battery, till the battery is discharged for about 50% of its total capacity, after which it will switch to Govt. Power and “keeps quite till next day morning for recharging the battery from Solar”.If there is subsequent power cut later in the evening/night Remaining Battery Capacity of 50% will be utilized to support the power cut and once the power is back, it charges the battery till the lapsed usage up to 50% using Government Power and keeps quite till next day morning to charge the battery from Solar.

Sunbird Solar inverter has many unparallel features, which gives best ROI for the user and helps in bringing the dream ofGreen planet more closer.

Dr Solar

Salient Features :

  • Power Generator + Power Back Up System, with Solar Priority & Smart Indicators
  • Inbuilt "Smart Logic", with PWM Converter
  • Reduces Electricity Bills & Gives ROI Over a Period of Time
  • Multifunctional LCD Display
  • Trendy & Wall Mountable
  • Flexible & Scalable
  • Preferential Settings (Solar / AC)
  • Battery Life Enhancer
  • Online Protection, no load shutdown & Alarm System
  • DC fan for low power consumption

Other Features :

  • High frequency SMPS based IGBT Inverter
  • Fully automatic SOLAR charger with auxiliary SMPS mains charger
  • No bulky Iron core transformer, so light weight and compact
  • Highly stable sine wave voltage and frequency with 16 bit Digital Control
  • No load cutoff and automatic re-connect of the inverter
  • Excellent output voltage regulation with load and decreasing battery voltage
  • Fuse Fail detection.
  • Low idle power consumption
  • Silent operation. No hum noise on fans, fluorescent lamp, motors etc.
  • Advanced fault protection
  • Single switch control for Start/ Standby/ Reset/ Shutdown
  • Intelligent cooling fan control to minimize dust accumulation
  • Auto reset function for Overload and Short circuit trip
  • Low Battery & Battery deep discharge protection
  • Capacity to charge highly discharged battery.
  • Automatic Boost and trickle charging
  • Easy external accessibility for a/c and DC fuses
  • Extensive Indications and Alarms

Technical Specifications :

Rating 800VA/600W 1000VA/740W
Battery Voltage(Nominal) 12V DC 24V DC
Peak Inverter Efficiency 400Wp 800Wp 800wp 1600Wp
Enegry Input(Max) 2kWh/Day 4kWh/Day 4kWh/Day 8kWh/Day
Solar Charger Technology Zero drop Switching PWM Control Zero drop Switching PWM Control
Solar charger Boost Voltage 14.2+/-0.1V 28.4+/-0.1V
Solar charger Float Voltage 13.6-13.8V 27.2 to 27.6V
Gird SMPS Charge Current 10A+/-1A 7A+/-1A
Gird SMPS Float Voltage 13.7+/-0.1V 27.5+/-0.1V
Gird SMPS Boost Voltage 14.2+/-0.1V 28.4+/-0.1V
AC Fuse Rating 10A,30mm Glass 10A,30mm Glass
DC Fuse Rating 2*40A,20mm Blade 2*40A,20mm Blade
Dimension W*H*D mm 280*320*100 280*320*100
Weight Kg 4.8Kg 4.8Kg

General :

Inverter Output Voltage 220V±3V
Inverter Output Frequency 50Hz±0.1Hz
Output Wave Form Sine Wave
Minimum Load for Inverter Operation 10W
Cooling Speed Controlled Forced Air
Protection Short Circuit,Overload,Surge Load,Battery Low,Battery High Voltage,Battery Reverse Connection,Over Temperature
Load Type Resistance Inductve,Capactive,Non-Linear
Display & Annuncation 16*1 LCD Display With Backlight
Change Relay Rating 16A/250V(Resistive Load)
Gird Output Range in PC Mode 185+/-5V to 260+/-5V a/c
Gird Output Range in LIGHTING Mode 110+/-5V to 280+/-5V a/c
Changeover Time <8mS in PC Mode & <15mS in LIGHTING Mode
Mounting Style Wall Mounting