Array Junction Box

Dr Solar

Array Box is a junction box which allows several photovoltaic strings (from 8 to 32) to be connected in parallel. The total DC power is then distributed to the photovoltaic inverter. It includes photovoltaic string protection, Surge Protection, overvoltage protection and a DC output switch disconnector. They are well adapted for Solar Power plants.

For each string of panels, Array Box realizes DC current measurement (0 to 20A per string). The DC voltage (up to 1000Vdc) is also measured and abnormal behavior or failures are detected.

Features :

  1. IP65 protection class adopt for outdoor installation
  2. Wide DC input voltage range with maximum open-circuit voltage up to 1000V
  3. Combiner available ranges are 8, 10, 12, 16 and 24 circuit configurations
  4. High precision hall current sensors, which can measure the connected PV strings independently
  5. The special high voltage lightning protection device, making sure that the positive and negative loop can both be protected
  6. Array Box allows you to provide accurate global monitoring for the power plant thanks to DC voltage and photovoltaic string current measurement. You are able to immediately locate a faulty string
  7. Array box provides all necessary elements which participate to ensure the security of the system and personnel Protection against short circuits and surges.