Direct Current Distribution Board (DCDB)


The photovoltaic DCDB Cabinet is an important component of any photovoltaic system and is mainly used to produce large amounts of direct current electricity. It is the secondary combiner of the PV system and its role is to take the direct current from the combiner boxes and output it to the PV inverter.

The DCDB is very reliable, it can easily be adapted and it is well-built. Furthermore, the Cabinet features a high breaking capacity as well as stable kinetic performance, allowing it to function at its best. It can be connected to up to eight combiner boxes, providing a good amount of direct current. It can be used with any regular converter, as long the converters can support the current provided by the combiner boxes (or otherwise, the solar energy will not be used at its full potential). It is easy to understand the internal layout of the PC Distribution Cabinet, which makes it a lot easier to maintain and operate.

The PV DC Distribution Cabinet is equipped with a direct current circuit breaker, a DC voltage meter and anti-reverse diodes. It also features a counter-attack protection system and a lightning protection device developed expressly for photovoltaic system and panels.

To suit every need, the PV DC Distribution Cabinet can come with a monitoring module, as well as a diode and insulation detection devices. The Cabinet can also be customized and the number of inverters of the outputs bus can be modified.