Domestic Solutions

Unlike inverters and other power back-up systems, Dr Solar Solutions are Micro Solar Plants-meaning that they can be a primary source of electricity generation in your home, reducing your dependence on and consumption of state-supplied power. This means greater independence from erratic electricity supply, power cuts and excessive electricity bills. ....Read More

Petrol Bunks

Dr Solar UPS is specifically designed for Fuel Stations and is a very reliable solution. The DC power (12V/24V) generated from solar panels will be converted to AC power (230V/415V) and will be supplied to the AC load and when AC mains / Solar Energy Shut off, the required power will be supplied from the battery bank which were also charged from solar panels. ....Read More

Offices, Industries

Dr Solar has strategic tie-ups with companies in India, Switzerland and Germany who have done Extensive research and development and have created a revolutionary green products line-up with multiple alternative energy options. Dr Solar Commercial solutions focus on the sectors like Education, Healthcare, Banks, Offices, Industries, Showrooms, Telecom etc. ....Read More

Product On Focus


Why Dr Solar?

OPERATES on both Solar as well as Grid Power.

INTELLIGENTLY Converts Solar Power to Electricity.

PREFERS Solar Power While Charging the battery.

Designed to MINIMIZE your electricity bill.

AFFORDABLE pricing to suit any budget.

Electricity has been an important means to our living. A few 100 years ago the importance of electricity may not have been appreciated by our ancestors but today at the very moment we live in every gadget or equipment we use directly or indirectly been blessed with the generosity of electrical energy. Within the last few decades with more and more advancements in electric driven equipments, Electrical energy has become subjected to frequent cuts left to the mercy of availability in supply.

Harnessing the power of solar

In the absence of Electricity we would be forced to identify other sources that would help us power our Essential, Comfort and Trend driven gadgets. One such source being the Solar Hybrid UPS systems, these systems are a variant that intelligently shifts from charging through either electrical energy sources or through solar energy sources. Solar Panels convert the solar energy to Electrical energy that would feed our electricity based appliances.

Dr Solar is committed to serve energy industry with innovative approaches to renewable energy generation – smart, sustainable, reliable and efficient. By combining the power of distributed solar energy solutions with smart grid technology we create a unique product for the utility market.

Our solar power system is designed with advanced technology by creating a completely new energy value chain that links renewable and traditional power generation to improve reliability, reduce pollution, and enhance utilization.

Dr Solar Power systems are known for handling high quality solar panels system to meet the needs of everyone. These solar panels systems are also quite affordable and make solar energy very appealing in every way. Get a Dr solar power system just to reap of its wonderful benefits personally.

Whenever the cost of electricity goes up, a person’s disposable income goes down, and now is the time to take back control of your energy demands. We are able to give customers all that they do need and what they are seeking. People want a working solution for their going up energy bills. The answer to this issue is to get a Dr Solar, solar hybrid UPS installed for your residence or business. Therefore, do contact us, if you are seeking a solution to your expensive electricity bills.